Three healthy reasons for sweating

Although sweating may feel like a problem, it also has certain health benefits. Here are three healthy reasons why sweating is ok:

1. Sweat kills bacteria

Although we often associate sweat with something disgusting, sweat has a low pH value. That means sweat is actually bactericidal. Sweat also contains a substance called dermcidin, which also has a bactericidal effect.

2. Sweat cleanses your skin

When you sweat, the pores of your skin also open up. That means sweat helps to flush impurities and sebum out of the skin. For the same reason, sweat also helps to reduce the risk of acne.

3. Sweat detoxifies the body

Sweat helps flush a lot of toxins out of the body. Researchers believe that we primarily excrete salt, cholesterol and alcohol when we sweat. In the long run, if these substances remained in the body, they could lead to an accumulation of waste products in our body.

So, there are many health benefits to sweating – and exercise is a healthy way to sweat. So, put on your running shoes and get sweating. It’s worth it.

Source: iForm

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