Sweating occurs in both men and women

Do you sometimes sweat at night and are you worried that something is wrong with you? Don’t worry. You can relax again. It is quite common for both men and women to sweat at night, and it is more likely to occur more often when you get older.

Women experience it a lot during menopause, and that is quite natural. Sweating in general can be due to the fact that some people have difficulty regulating their temperature at night, and that their duvet, nightwear maybe their bedroom are too warm.

Night sweating is frequent in man and women, and it is not usually an indication of illness. It is difficult to determine the cause, but in some cases it may a reaction to medication. For example, if you have been taking painkillers, it may have an effect. It can also be due to too much coffee or alcohol, and in some cases illness.

If you are worried about your health because you have experienced sweaty nights for a long period of time, and they are interrupting your night’s sleep, you should visit your doctor for a health professional assessment.

Remedies for night sweats in men and women

Basically, make sure that the temperature in your bedroom is nice and comfortable. Do not sleep with too much clothing as it may increase the production of sweat. With a simple roll-on or lotion, you can apply a small layer, which helps to inhibit sweat production in certain areas of your body: from under your arms or from your hands and feet.

Although it is quite normal to sweat at night every now and then, it can still be annoying. If it really affects your night’s sleep, apply antiperspirant to your skin, which will then feel clean and dry all night. You will no longer have to change duvet covers as often, and you can sleep in peace.

Do yourself a favour and buy an antiperspirant, if you want to cherish your night’s sleep and believe that good sleep is essential to quality of life and well-being.

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