Self-help for a hot pregnancy

Read on if you are pregnant and are experiencing an increased sweat production that can be really irritating – and if you need good advice about combating both sweat and sweat odour

Are you pregnant and sweating more than usual – and do you also experience hot flushes both during the day and at night? Yes? Then you are far from alone as a huge number of pregnant women experience the above discomforts during pregnancy. The good news is that these discomforts (and all the others that often occur too) generally disappear after birth.

Hormonal changes are often one of the reasons for increased sweat production such as puberty, menopause or a pregnancy. This is where the biggest changes in the body take place, so more people experience a different way of sweating. During pregnancy, body temperature rises, so sweat production increases to get rid of the heat. It is the body’s own way of protecting a pregnant woman from becoming overheated.

That is why several pregnant women find that they sweat faster when they are physically active and also often sweat during more sedentary work and visits to cafés. Some pregnant women also suffer from increased sweat odour as they sweat more.

Here are three good tips to combat sweat and sweat odour during pregnancy:

  1. Clothing: Avoid wearing too much clothing to avoid sweating more. Wear loose clothing and choose either white or black clothes where sweat is not as visible. Also choose clothing in natural fabrics and avoid nylon and synthetic materials.
  2. Use a good antiperspirant: For example, use Perspirex, which may be used during pregnancy and when breastfeeding. Perspirex reduces sweating and sweat odour for up to 5 days.
  3. Wash your clothes in vinegar: If your clothes start to smell unpleasant from sweat, add 1 dl. vinegar to your laundry. This removes odour from clothes, while softening them at the same time.


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