Night sweats destroy intimacy

Flickr LyndaSanchez

How wonderful it is to snuggle under the warm duvet, close to the one you love. But sometimes that magical moment is disturbed by one of you sweating. Night sweats are just not convenient at any moment.

As with so many other nuisances, sweating can undermine your self-esteem and thus affect intimacy with your partner. The chances are it is just we ourselves who are making it a problem, but it is still very uncomfortable.

Easy to solve In most cases, night sweating is relatively harmless and easy to tackle. Often, a lower temperature in the bedroom can solve the problem.

We can also consider whether the bedding, the duvet cover, the top mattress or the nightwear we use is good. A few changes can help counteract night sweats, give you better sleep and regain intimacy with your loved one

Otherwise ask your doctor If you then see that these things are having no effect on the night sweats, we advise you to talk to your doctor. This is because the symptoms of certain diseases and hormonal imbalances include sweating excessively at night.


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