Make your workout routines more comfortable

It’s really very simple: It is healthy to live an active life and to work up a sweat. And when you move and work out, you sweat. You sweat because your body is trying to cool you down and the amount of sweat depends on many different things. Your shape, your gender and your age are all important factors. There is also much to suggest that you sweat faster if you are in good shape. The fitter you are, the better your body will be at cooling you down. And it happens with sweat.

But even though it is healthy, it is not always comfortable to sweat on the treadmill, when using the dumbbells or when you go jogging outdoors. So, below are three suggestions for what you can do to make your workout routine more comfortable, and still be able to perform your best.

1) Clothing

When playing sports, it is important to wear the right clothes. And while you may think the most important thing is to look good, it is just as important that your clothes are comfortable to wear. If you sweat a lot, for example, it can be an advantage to wear loose clothing. Then the heat can be conducted away from the skin, it is also easier to move.

2) Antiperspirant

An efficient antiperspirant is a great way to tackle sweat. Both the amount and the smell can be greatly reduced if you use the right antiperspirant. A good idea is a Perspirex roll-on. It counteracts sweat and odour for 3-5 days after application. Then you can concentrate on raising the bar in the gym or in the great outdoors.

3) Fluid

You probably already have a water bottle with you for training, but did you know that your fluid intake has an effect on how much you sweat? Although body temperature rises when you exercise, you sweat less effectively if you are in a fluid balance deficit. Therefore, the body has a harder time cooling itself down. So remember to drink water when you exercise – and to listen to your body all the time.

Enjoy your workout!


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