The fact that some foods such as chili can cause extra beads of sweat to appear on the forehead is possibly a well-known phenomenon. But in fact, certain types of food can produce extraordinarily foul-smelling sweat. So which foods should you occasionally refrain from, if you want to put paid to the smell of sweat?

We can tell you that garlic is one of them.

Cut down on…

Spicy food. In addition to chili, which increases sweat production, the smell of curry and cumin is particularly hard to get rid of.

Garlic. It is common knowledge that garlic causes bad breath, but it is also one of the major causes of odour. Garlic contains the substance allicin, which causes the body to release sulphur compounds through the skin.

Red meat. If your diet consists of more protein and less carbohydrate than recommended, your sweat may smell bad. The body burns mainly carbohydrate, but if there is a deficit, it will start burning protein instead. As meat is difficult to degrade, it leaves waste products with the smell of ammonia, which is excreted via the sweat glands. Therefore, also make sure you eat potatoes, bread, rice and pasta.

Coffee. Although many people swear by this invigorating drink during the day, it is a good idea to limit your intake. Caffeine increases sweat production. The same goes for black tea and alcohol.


Water. In abundant quantities. It helps the body to excrete waste products.

A varied diet. In addition to ensuring the right balance between protein and carbohydrate, it is important to be particularly aware of the relationship between acid and base in the body. The right balance automatically reduces sweat production.

Magnesium and zinc. The body needs both to stay healthy and odourless. These minerals are contained in nuts, spinach, avocados and bananas, for example.

Do you find it difficult to stay away from certain foods? Or have you tried the above suggestions without significant effect? A good antiperspirant can give you safe protection against sweat and sweat odour, and a single application of Perspirex can keep you dry for up to 5 days.

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