You may be inclined to believe that your sweat production depends solely on the intensity of your workout. But, in fact, there are a number of other factors that come into play as well. Read more below:

Not surprisingly, when it comes to your sweat production, gender, age and weight matter, as do genetics, temperature and humidity.

But did you know that your fitness also comes into play? You may have wondered why you started sweating more as you got in better shape. Shouldn’t you sweat less now that your body has become accustomed to a tough workout?

On the contrary. The better shape you are in, the harder your body is able to work. And the harder your body works, the more heat it produces.

Your body temperature is regulated more efficiently

However, the increased heat production places new demands on your body to maintain a stable temperature. Fortunately, the body is good at regulating itself. If the body temperature rises, there is also an increase in sweat production to keep the temperature down. Research shows that your body’s heat regulation system becomes more efficient as your fitness improves, enabling you to work harder.

You start sweating earlier

Your body ‘learns’ to sweat as you get in better shape. This means that you will see the sweat trickling out earlier than when you first started working out. Now that you have taught the body what to expect after warming up, it automatically begins the cooling process early to anticipate the rising body temperature.

You start sweating more

Just as your body learns to start producing sweat at the right time, it also learns to dose the right amount. When you get in better shape, your body is both able to generate a lot of heat in a short time and to regulate itself after longer endurance training. So to make sure that your body temperature does not go crazy, your body produces sweat in copious amounts.

Good habits with increased sweat production

So, it is quite natural to sweat more when you get in better shape. Of course, it is important to make sure you stay hydrated so that the body has the resources to cool itself. Therefore, make abundant fluid intake a regular habit during the day.

Also, because there are many factors that play a role in sweat production, people have different preferences and needs. For many people, a good antiperspirant is another good habit.

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