Away with hot flushes and sweating!

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Sooner or later, all women, like you and me, arrive at the menopause. Fortunately, today we have many options to avoid many of the annoying symptoms that come with menopause. But one of ​the most common and perhaps also most annoying symptoms are hot flushes.

You’ll know if you’ve had a hot flush. The sudden hot feeling spreads through your face and body. Sweating, nausea, palpitations, dizziness or other symptoms may also be indications of a hot flush.

Hot flushes are caused by a change in oestrogen levels. A sudden drop in oestrogen makes the brain think that your body is too hot. This is what the body also does to avoid overheating when it is hot in the summer. The difference is simply that it feels uncomfortable when the function is triggered by a drop in oestrogen.

Unnoticeable Some women find hot flushes embarrassing – mainly because they think other people can see that they are menopausal (that the hot flush ‘reveals’ their condition). But it is more likely that the outside world will not notice a hot flush. Externally, a hot flush results in only a slight, discreet redness or some other colour change in the face.

But it is definitely not pleasant if you start sweating as a result of the hot flushes, both day and night. Hot flushes at night can disturb sleep. You suddenly wake up, dripping in sweat.

What you can do:
As with any type of excessive sweating, you can follow a few simple tips to ease discomfort:

  • Avoid the things that trigger a hot flush. These include hot, spicy foods and stimulants such as caffeine or alcohol, hot climate, smoking, synthetic clothing etc.
  • You can also take deep breaths and practice yoga and relaxation.
  • If sweating occurs very locally, a safe and very effective antiperspirant can also make it much easier during menopause. Read more about Perspirex here.
  • If hot flushes bother you a lot and maybe disrupt your everyday life too, you should seek medical attention. You can get advice from your doctor about options for treatment.
  • You can also find out about 3 methods to treat hot flushes naturally on


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